SAINTS+SINNERS Designer Casting Call

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What:  SAINTS+SINNERS | Designer Challenge Casting Call

When:  Monday, August 20, 2018 | Doors open at 6:30 | Casting Begins at 7:00

Where:  The Garment House | 1000 Broadway | KCMO | 64108

The first annual fashion design competition, presented by Euro Productions & Travis Cal Styles is a freestyle design competition open to professional, emerging, and novice fashion designers and visual artists.  This year, our ten finalist will compete for over $2,500 in cash and prizes by designing one-of-a-kind Halloween costumes inspired by this year’s theme, SAINTS+SINNERS. 

Designers have total creative control over design and can create whatever they feel best expresses their vision for the selected theme.  You are only limited by your imagination, so it is encouraged to GO BIG!

Entry Fee:

$75.00 non-refundable participation fee.             
There is no fee to apply and attend the casting.  THE CASTING PROCESS IS ENTIRELY FREE.  You are only required to pay the participation fee if you are selected as a finalist and extended an invitation to participate.  All participation fees must be paid by September 1, 2018.


Must be available for the following dates:

Casting Call                      August 19, 2018
Designer Reveal               September 9, 2018
Model Casting Call           September 11, 2018       
SAINTS+SINNERS            October 27, 2018


The Grand Prize winner will receive a $2,500 prize package.  This is a people’s choice competition and the winner will be selected by guests attending the SAINTS+SINNERS Halloween Experience held on Saturday, October 27, 2018. 

Judging Process

The best designs are selected according to audience appeal.  The live judging will take place from 7:00pm to 10:00pm.  Guest will be able to cast their vote for their favorite design through a virtual portal using their smartphone or web browser.  This process is completely automated, and will keep track of all votes as they are cast and updates the results in real-time.

Designers will have the ability to post the judging information on their social media channels and request their followers to vote to increase their chance of winning.  The designer who has the most votes at the end of the competition judging cycle will win the Grand Prize.

Your custom design will be displayed on live models for final judging.  All designers are responsible for selecting a model from our model casting call.  If you want to work with a specific model, they must attend the casting call in order for you to select them as your model.  You will be responsible for all the materials required to fully realize your look including fabric, hair and makeup. 

Grand Prize Winner will be announced at 10:15 during the SAINTS+SINNERS Event.

Finalist Design Requirements

  • One mood board illustrating the theme, inspiration and color of the design you intend to create.
  • One illustration of your design. All submitted artwork must be original creations designed by the applicant and must not have been previously shown in public.
  • The final garment must be made up of one or more pieces that cover a model's upper and lower body and can include garments such as tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets and coats, etc. Shoes and accessories are not required.
  • Five brief written statements about the design and your inspirations.
  • Completed entry and consent form
  • Signed SAINTS+SINNERS Competition Entry and Consent Form.
  • Registration fee paid by September 1, 2018

Designer Casting Call

The designer casting call will take place on Sunday, August 19, 2018 at The Garment House located at 1000 Broadway, Kansas City, Missouri 64108.  The casting call is open to anyone 21 years of age or older with valid identification.  No design experience needed.  The Casting Call will take place from 7:00pm – 9:00pm.  You don’t have to be a professional fashion designer, but you must be able to fully interpret and bring to life your design concept

Please come prepared with your application, 3 samples of your work, and come dressed reflecting your personal style (we will be taking professional photos and video of every applicant).  During the casting process, each designer will be interviewed by a panel of industry experts.  The designers will present examples of their work and answer questions about their design objectives.

Please bring with you 3 samples of work originally created by you.  You can bring models to enhance your designs but are not required.

Designer Reveal

  • The Top Ten Designers will be announced at a rooftop event on Sunday, September 9, 2018. 
  • All designers must attend the announcement party.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Designers are allowed one guest to attend the event with them.

Each designer will be announced as a finalist in the SAINTS+SINNERS Design Challenge.  Designers will choose a design focus based on the event them of either Saints or Sinners through a blind selection process.  Each designer will choose a wrapped gift box, inside will be a card with your design theme.  Five designers will focus on SAINTS and five designers will focus on SINNERS. 

Model Casting Call

The 10 finalists must attend the model casting call on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 from 7-10pm, unless other arrangements are made prior to event.  If for some reason you cannot attend the casting, you will be able to select a model from our model roster. 

Rules of Participation:

  • Participants must be 21+ years of age.
  • All entries must be submitted by and represent the original work of applicant
  • Must be available to attend required events listed above.
  • Prizes are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. Prizes are subject to change at sponsors’ discretion.
  • All decisions made by judges are final and cannot be disputed.
  • Entry constitutes permission to use finalists’ name, picture, and design entry for display, press, web exposure, and press relations on behalf of Euro Productions, as further detailed in this SAINTS+SINNERS Design Competition Entry and Consent Form.
  • Applicants must carefully review and sign the SAINTS+SINNERS Design Competition Entry and Consent Form in order to participate.

We look forward to seeing what fabulous creation you design.  If you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact Alycia Hightower at

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