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Lonnie Bush Owner/Fitness Instructor of Lonnie Bush Fitness, Author, and Founder of a Non-Profit Foundation has become Kansas City's premiere fitness guru of fitness authority. An architect of the “Total Body Workout.” She is also a breast cancer survivor.  Although, she makes it her lifestyle, Lonnie strives to be a motivator and a role model to all that seek to become physically fit and live a healthy life. She also avidly advocates for breast cancer awareness, education, and the continuous quality care of life for cancer patients.

As a triple negative breast cancer survivor, Lonnie Bush is 3 years CANCER FREE.  As a mother, fitness trainer, and Ford Motor Company employee she has always been an inspiration for others in more ways than one.   During her battle with cancer never once did she ask “Why Me?”  She said to herself and others “if it can happen to me, a person that eats healthy, work out 6 days a week, and no history of cancer on either side of my family then it can happen to anyone”.

While fighting cancer, she decided to keep a journal of all the stages of the battle, the activities on a day to day basis and the people who supported her during the struggle.  The result of the journal is the manifestation of a book that became 26,000 words of inspiration during the fight against cancer.  The title of the book is “Cancer Was My Blessing”.

Lonnie believes that this book will be an incredible inspiration for people that are battling cancer as well as their families & friends that seek to understand this struggle. It helps explain the different ways to deal with the daily ups and downs of the fight.  She started a non-profit foundation called Celebration of Life.  This foundation helps those in need of specific necessities.  Upon receiving donations the Celebration of Life Foundation goes to hospitals and clinics and pays co-pays for cancer patients discretely (Paying it forward).  Also, the foundation receives and buys wigs, hats, scarves, and more to patients that lose their hair in the process of fighting cancer. Throughout the year, Lonnie sponsors many initiatives and drives which benefit cancer patients. 

Lonnie would love to have people to get involved before cancer touches their family and help motivate others to keep fighting cancer.  She asks, “If you know any who has cancer please share with them 26,000 words of inspiration, “Cancer Was My Blessing” and send them to her Gym where cancer patients get to work out for FREE.

Get tested, early detection is vital!